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   The Grey Hair Net meets every Tuesday night at 2000 hours on 1945 Khz . During the Summer there is also a call up at  2030 hours if you wish to check in when propagation is better. We do try to have a call up every 15 minutes. 

GHN Preamble  read on air to open net on Tuesday evening

Net History          

Before the GHN....  Listen to the Old Farmers Net    Recordings of years  gone by, recorded by Sam Beverage, W1MGP

Pre Grey Hair Net History    (160M AM)    

Complete Net List

Weekly Call Up List


 Grey Hair Net pictures   .....  send me ,W1CKI, a pic if you want your member station posted on this web site.


 Grey Hair Net Membership Certificate




The purpose of the Grey Hair Net is to promote AM activity on 160 meters  


The Grey Hair Net meets every Tuesday night at 2000 HOURS on 1945 Khz.  Also a call up at  2030 hours during June through August if you wish to check in when propagation is better for you during June through August.  We do try to have a call every 15 minutes for late "commers and new commers".

To become a member, you must operate in the AM mode and check in 3 times  three weeks in a row or 5 times in a period of 12 weeks . EXCEPTIONS BEING WHEN A NATIONAL HOLIDAY, CHRISTMAS EVE OR NEW YEARS EVE FALLS ON A NET NIGHT.

Menbers also receive birthday cards, anniversary cards (OM and XYL) if you wish to give the dates of the events. No dues are required  but an occasional donation is appreciated if you wish to recieve Birthday and Anneversary cards.

Membership is lifetime-but to be on the active list and to receive cards, your participation is requested.


The GHN is a directed net with a Net Control station.

Net Control station take turns and as of now are WA1QIX,WA1GFZ,W1CKI and N9PVF. Additional  Net Control stations are always welcome.

Since there are many active members, the assigned number call up order reverses each week to give everyone a chance to participate in a equal manner.



President: WA1QIX
Vice Presidents: K1MV  & N9PVF
Secretary &Treas.: W1CKI       email to   email


 GHN Sec & Treasurer's report


updated.....January 14,2023












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